64 BS Facts About Software Engineering

List of facts some people in software industry think are true

Heikki Hellgren
3 min readNov 4, 2021


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“I can smell bullshit from a mile away but it’s so much harder to detect when it’s around you all day.” ~ Dane Cook

Here’s a list of bullshit facts I’ve faced over the years in software engineering. Some of the things in the list might be strongly opinionated so don’t get offended. Here we go:

  1. Every developer understands how computers work internally
  2. Your developer friend wants and knows how to fix your computer 💻
  3. All software companies are agile
  4. It’s good idea to develop a new JavaScript framework
  5. It’s enough to validate HTML forms or other user input in JavaScript
  6. Different browsers parse CSS always the same way
  7. If you know HTML, you are a software developer
  8. All web developers know how to center HTML div element (thanks to Bernard Bado)
  9. CSS is great (thanks to Bence Meszaros)
  10. Everyone loves and understands regular expressions
  11. Magic numbers and hard-coding are good concepts
  12. Nobody needs to know how to use terminal commands
  13. Microservice / Monolithic architecture is the right choice for everyone
  14. You need education to work as a developer
  15. Having high education makes you a better developer 🧑‍🎓
  16. Deadlines make developers work harder
  17. Hiring more developers makes software ready faster
  18. Unit tests always cover all possible cases
  19. Bug-free code exists 🐛
  20. All developers are introverts
  21. Developers live with cold pizza 🍕 and coffee ☕️
  22. Developers don’t have emotions 😭
  23. It’s crazy to try to improve productivity
  24. Jira is the best tool for managing software projects
  25. Excel is the best tool for managing software projects
  26. Combining Excel and Jira will make magic ✨ happen



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