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Tooling and principles of document writing, generation and publishing

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One of the first questions when starting a, or jumping into an existing, software project is where all the documentation is stored and how to access it. This means design documents, architectural diagrams, requirements, technical documents and other documentation that is needed. Sometimes it’s in office cabinets printed on A4s…

List of facts some people in software industry think are true

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“I can smell bullshit from a mile away but it’s so much harder to detect when it’s around you all day.” ~ Dane Cook

Here’s a list of bullshit facts I’ve faced over the years in software engineering. Some of the things in the list might be strongly opinionated so…

And other observations of gaming over the years

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Last weekend we had a LAN party with my friends. The event wasn’t completely on local network and most of the people joined over the internet so not sure it can be called LAN party in its original meaning. Anyhow, we got together and played a lot of PC games…

Technical Debt Development (TDD) is the new trend

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You might know TDD for something else than Technical Debt Development what this story is about. To really shine in this art form, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Put a lot of pressure to deliver the software. Deadlines are very good way to accomplish this. Developers love to create…

It takes some courage but pays off in the end

I started blogging in late 2017. It started with posts that covered random things I experienced during that time. There was no plan nor focus on specific topics. In 2018 I decided I should write something about the software industry as that is something familiar to me. The start was…

And how company policies can scare developers away

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In todays job market the developer experience (DX) is very important topic. Most talented developers might value good DX even more than the benefits or the industry they are working at. Still some companies try hard to kill the whole thing with stupid policies. …

Why it’s important to learn while working.

Life is continuous learning. It can be either something totally new or acquiring more knowledge of something you already know. Especially in fast changing industries, like software, learning is essential for survival. It’s just not possible to stay relevant and interesting for employers without spending time to learn new things.

Heikki Hellgren

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